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Workshops on IT, Industrial & Internet of Things (IoT) Networks Convergence

Workshops on

Industrial, IT & Internet of Things (IoT) Convergence

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Convergence of IT, Industrial and IoT Networks

Over past decade the industry has emerged a drastic change in adopting new technologies both in manufacturing and corporate networks. Currently the convergence of IT and Industrial networks has given rise to generating enormous data which are used for monitoring and predictive analysis. More and more spohisticated machineries are getting connected to smart networks online for remote monitoring and control. Again industrial networks are connected to corporate networks with ample security measures to allow access to concerned users and yet a seemless integration with machineries with IT infrastructure. Now with the advent of Internet of Things sensors and actuators play an important roles to communicate data from Non-IT equipments through cloud over secure connections in almost all verticals such as energy, oil & gas, construction, logistics, marine, telecom, mining, manufacturing and so on.

This course is an effort to educate engineering students, industry professionals and help aspiring research scholars to bring out-of-box solutions to be ready with current trends in four areas

i.     Industrial Networks
ii.    Corporate Networks
iii    Cloud Computing
iv    Internet of Things

Participating institutions may nominate their participants for on-site training limited to not less than 10 students. After training the organisations/insitutions would get consultancy support for industrial automation solutions for their mission-critical business processes or building remote labs infrastructure for educational institution.


Module 1. Introduction to Internet of Things

- Applications in Industrial Deployment
- Overiew of IoT applications in major verticals

Module 2. IoT Hardware Prototypes

- Raspberry Pi
- Arduino

Module 3. Installing Raspbian OS over Raspberry pi

Module 4. Networking with Raspberry pi

- How to network two or more Raspberry Pis together
- How to program a Raspberry Pi to send messages to another Pi
- How to control hardware over a network
- Network configuration and server set up
- Basic networking concepts
- IP address
- Servers and clients

Module 5. Networking IoT with Non IT devices

- Remote connectivity
- Working with electrical devices and sensors
- Connecting, Communicating and Controlling from Cloud to on-premises devices