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Workshops on IT, Industrial & Internet of Things (IoT) Networks Convergence

Workshops on

Industrial, IT & Internet of Things (IoT) Convergence

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Convergence of IT, Industrial & IoT Networks :
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The Internet started with a simple idea – connecting computers together to share data in various
 ways. Since that humble beginning, people have started to connect more devices to the Internet. 
That’s the basis of the term Internet of Things (IoT). The Internet of Things extends internet 
connectivity beyond traditional devices to an ever-growing network of everyday things that utilize 
embedded technology to communicate and interact with the external environment, all via the Internet. 
It’s the inter-networking of physical devices (“connected devices” and “smart devices”) that enable 
these objects to collect and exchange data.

*** Course Fee : Rs 12000 ***
*** Duration : 30 classes / days ***
*** 100% practical project-oriented course ***
There are more than 12 billion connected devices in the world, smart ‘things’. Innovative companies 
are adopting IoT strategy and technology to rethink their products and services and redefine their 
relationships with customers, employees and partners.


This course leads to complete hands on with basics of programming and administration and extensive 
hands on with deploying different IoT ( Internet of Things project oriented ) scenarios which are 
pertinent to current industry requirements and a roadmap for future smart engineers and budding 
entrepreneurs to emerge as innovative startups to explore the un-explored.

***** COURSE MODULES ****** 

A. Python Programming

B. PHP Programming

C. Linux Administration

D. Raspbery Pi

   - Installation
   - Configuration with VNC and HDMI Television
   - Board Pin(BCoM)
   - Pin Voltage and Device Usage
   - GPIO Command
   - Accessing Pin by GPIO
   - Accessing Pin by Python 
   - Thread Programming for Pin
   - Accessing Non Digital Device (Motor,Relay)
   - Capturing Image 
   - Networking (Wifi/Lan) on Raspberry Pi
   - Handling External Attached Device over Lan/Wan Using 

E. Raspberry

   - Working With Sensors Introduction
   - Working with temperature sensor
   - Working with humidity sensor
   - Working with gas sensors
   - Working with proximity sensors

F. Nano Arduino	

   - Software Installation
   - Testing C-Codes
   - Accessing Wifi
   - Handling Digital/Non Digital Device over LAN/WAN
G. Project

   - Home/Office/Industrial Automation Using Raspberry pi and Arduino
In case you are interested to attend a IoT workshop but not able to find us in your city/location, we can conduct IoT workshops in your 
college irrespective of your location. We at XNet have developed some amazing hands-on training programs that helps you to learn and build
IoT projects in the most simplest way. Our team will be coming to your college upon invitation along with the kits and necessary materials
and help you to build IoT projects practically. The Innovative learning methodology which we follow not only helps you to build projects 
but ensures you are learning while doing so.