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Workshops on IT, Industrial & Internet of Things (IoT) Networks Convergence

Workshops on

Industrial, IT & Internet of Things (IoT) Convergence

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Corporate Networking

This course is an effort to educate engineering students, industry professionals and help aspiring research scholars to bring out-of-box solutions to be ready with current trends in four areas


Module I. WAN Technologies

- Netwoking Basics
- Routing Protocols
- Configuring Different Routing Protocols
- Central to branch office wan establishing
- Corporate Network Deployment and Configurations

Module II. Switching Technologies

- Layer 2 Endpoint Device Connectivity
- Layer 2 Inter-Switch Connectivity
- VLANs Concepts and Configuration
- Smartport Macros
- Configuring and Applying Smartport Macros
- Configuring Inter-switch 802.1q Trunk Links


i.     Industrial Networks
ii.    Cloud Computing
iii    Internet of Things