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Workshops on IT, Industrial & Internet of Things (IoT) Networks Convergence

Workshops on

Industrial, IT & Internet of Things (IoT) Convergence

Android Application Development Training in Ranchi : Live Project - Register Now!

Android Application Development Course Modules

About the course : This course is designed for those who wants to gain extensive hands-on 
with real-time project syncing with cloud data. This course is meant for the aspirants 
wanting to build career as Android developer and for those looking forward to setup startup 
for Android Application Development Buisness solutions. This course will yield basic to 
advance level of comprehensive training to become hard-core Android Application Developer
*** Course Fee : Rs 12000 *** *** Duration : 40 classes / days *** *** 100% practical project-oriented course *** By the end of Android App Developer training course, you will: ** Become proficient in Android app development and Gain a thorough understanding of Android architecture. ** Build and publish your own Android apps in the Google Play store. ** Achieve expertise in app development for Android devices. Trained by Seasoned Professional Training provided by trainer who has developed Network Monitoring Software with in-built Security, developed a commercial product called XNet Social, an Android Based Social Apps similar to Whatsapp but with role based communication not included in Whatsapp. ***** COURSE MODULES ***** Module 1 : Basic Module
    A. Layout Desining - LinearLayout - RelativeLayout - GridLayout - TableLayout etc B. Android View - TextView, EditText, Spinner, Button, ImageView, ButtonImage etc C. Custom View D. ListView and Adapter Handling E. Custom Adapter F. Event Handling G. Activity Triggering H. WebView ( Display web page) I. Intent J. Notification K. Broadcasting L. Database SQL Lite (Overview)
Module 2 : Advance Module
    A. Multithreading in Android - Thread - Runnable - Handler - UIThread B. Input/OutputStream C. Accesing Internal/External Memory D. Shared Memory E. URL and Http Connection - Accesing Web Data - GET And POST Method - JSON F. Database SQL Lite Synchronization with Cloud. G. Android Service - Broadcast Service - Intent Service
***** End of Course Module *****


i.     Industrial Networks
ii.    Corporate Networks
iii    Cloud Computing
iv    Internet of Things