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Workshops on IT, Industrial & Internet of Things (IoT) Networks Convergence

Workshops on

Industrial, IT & Internet of Things (IoT) Convergence

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Center for Research & Accreditation of Innovative Labs in Education

CRALE, Center for Research & Accreditation of Innovative Labs in Education is a breeding-ground community to help institutions and students around the world create sustainable solutions for developing and nurturing new and existing solutions in building innovative remote access labs for cognitive learning in IT, Securty, Data Neworks, Internet of Things and Science projects at K-12.

Over past decade the industry has emerged a drastic change in adopting new technologies both in manufacturing and corporate networks. Currently the convergence of IT and Industrial networks has given rise to generating enormous data which are used for monitoring and predictive analysis. More and more spohisticated machineries are getting connected to smart networks online for remote monitoring and control. With the advent of Internet of Things sensors and actuators play an important roles to communicate data from Non-IT equipments through cloud over secure connections in almost all verticals such as energy, oil & gas, construction, logistics, marine, telecom, mining, manufacturing and so on.

Crale, a non profit initiative formed under the aegis of Telecom Research and Educational Foundation, helped more than one hundred thousand professionals and students earn free professional certifications in IT, Security, Data Networks and Telecommunication since inception in 2005.

Crale oversees the creation and evolution of rigorous quality standards ( Crale Accreditation ); develops and delivers quality training and consultation to help institutions achieve and maintain Accreditation; manages the Accreditation process; and coordinates ongoing research, advocacy and communications efforts aimed at improving cognitive learning in education though remote access labs. Read more about Institutions >>

Crale's activities are classified into six areas